Great Christian Fiction Books

Great Christian Fiction Books

Great Christian Fiction Books


If you are looking for a great Christian book, literature that will stimulate your Christian fiction book passion, Devotion by Jana Hays Taylor is a must read. 


You need to meet Kendrick The Rebel 


Can he continue to fight against the government and save the one he loves?


You need to meet Jade – 


Scripture Smuggler


Can she continue to safely cross Scriptures into the city?


You need to meet The Praying Soldier


“My parents told me that soldiers used to pray before going into battle…now they battle anyone who prays.”


Devotion is about a future United States in which the scriptures are banned. This great Christian book is part of a series of great Christian books based on a future United States where Christian are persecuted for their belief and faith in Jesus.


You can purchase online at the amazon store for ONLY $9.99 :


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