New Christian Book Releases

New Christian Book Releases

Are you looking for new Christian book releases? Look no further. Jana Hays Taylor, a Christian author has released your new Christian book Devotion. This futuristic fiction Christian book can be found at the Amazon store and is is about the United States has crumbling underneath war, poverty and battles for power. It is now divided into five regions, each vying for power and all governments banning the Scriptures and arresting anyone who chooses to follow Christ. Those who have chosen to follow are forced to hide, deny Christ, or die.


In this new Christian book release you will meet nineteen-year-old Jade struggles with knowing her parents were arrested because they smuggled Scriptures.  It left Jade and her sister orphaned and alone, fighting to survive in a city where people only look out for themselves. Though she has lost much because of her parents’ devotion, she travels outside of the city into the untamed desert each week to pick up parts of the banned Scriptures. She has become a Scripture smuggler, but with the control of the government and its soldiers, can she continue to safely cross Scriptures into the city?

Twenty-one-year old Kendrick remembers his life on the streets, orphaned before he could even recall his own parents’ faces. But he is no longer in the beaten-down city. He is now up in the unoccupied mountains learning to fight for his beliefs, learning to control his emotions and use his abilities to gain freedom. He has become a rebel fighter, battling to save what has been taken by the government, until he meets someone unexpected. Can he continue to fight against the government and save the one he loves?

Amazon is a great place to check out new Christian Book releases

You can find Devotion by Jana Hays Taylor and other hot selling Christian Books. Search their catalog of new Christian book releases by using this link: . Amazon best-selling new and future releases are updated hourly. Here yonew christian book releaseu can discover the best Christian Books and Bibles in “Amazon Best Sellers”, and find the top 100 most popular or representing the people by way of votes and reviews Amazon Christian Books.

No matter what denomination you are in Christ you can be sure to find great new Christian book releases like Devotion by Jana Hays Taylor  is a fiction Christian book. Maybe you more into romance novels or children books. Not to fear,  Amazon is a great place to check out new Christian Book releases

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